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Welcome to Maids 'n More

We hope this site answers your questions. We

think you'll find it informative and interesting.

Please call Diane or Dianne for more information. There's no obligation, no sales pitch, no waste of time. They'll just discuss with you the things you want to know.

Do you want  the   CHEAPEST   cleaning service?

Not a good idea for many reasons!

Do you want the   MOST EXPENSIVE   cleaning service?

Why waste your money?

The cheapest service could turn out to be the


The most expensive could be no better than the cheapest.

Think of all the things that might happen if you don't have a careful, experienced, honest and dependable maid service in your home. At Maids 'n More, you get the best service for a fair and affordable price.

We've been cleaning quality homes like yours

 for almost

>>>>   27 years   <<<<

Yes, we incorporated in 1986. We own our own building. We're dependable. We're here to stay, unlike much of the competition. You know our address, and it's easy to find.

You can visit us anytime Monday through Friday, 8:00 - 4:00.

We hope you will!

Listed below are the employees who have been here more than a year. It's obvious they like cleaning houses (and they must like working here) because:             


is in her 23rd year.


is in her 21st year.



is in her 12th year.


is in her 11th year.


is in her 10th year.


is in her 8th year.


is in her 4th year.


is in her 3rd year.


is in her 3rd year.


is in her 2nd year.


is in her 2nd year.


is in her 2nd year.


Our General Manager, Diane Morgan, has been here almost 13 years. Our Assistant Manager, Dianne Ward, has been here more than 7 years. Very few maid services in the U.S.A., if any, can match our combined field and office experience.   


Of course, we have employees who have been here less time, and each of them receive ongoing training by our experienced personnel. They are expertly supervised at all times. All work is inspected by the Team Supervisor.  

Including the owners and managers, we have over

160 years

experience in the home cleaning business.

We're very proud of our employees. Any company would be happy working with these loyal, experienced, caring, and hard-working people. We hope you'll be seeing them soon in your home!


Please call or email today to discuss your cleaning needs.

  Diane Morgan   Dianne Ward        

We invite you to visit us anytime during office hours. We own our building ----

we're here to stay ---- for you!






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